SEO: An Effective Meta Description Tag

20 Feb

Frankie DeSoto, an Seo specialist at Standing Dog, has been writing about search engine optimization. His newest blog post is about effective meta descriptions and just how it is important to create an efficient meta description tag for each web page of one’s web site.

There are several guidelines of thumb with regards to creating meta description tags. Keep in mind 1st and foremost that the meta description tag can and will be used as part of your actual search engine outcome listing. So, it is important to create this nicely so that the customers are enticed to click on around the actual search outcome listing and visit your site. Here are a couple of other important meta description tag pointers:

Probably the most important job from the meta description is to inform the searcher of what they’ll find when they go to your website. They’re short snippets of text that incorporate keywords and ultimately perform because the marketing duplicate that influences the searcher to click on. The descriptions should utilize target keywords in an intelligent and all-natural way. Very similar to with title tags, you don’t wish to create sentences that do not make sense simply to function inside your keyword phrases.

A common guideline would be to keep your meta descriptions in between 155-175 characters, with spaces. This is the number of characters the search engines will generally display within the search results. Any longer and you danger viewing them shortened in the search results. It’s important to function your keyword phrase into the starting of the description to make sure it will be displayed. I’d suggest including your phrase within the very first 120 characters if at all possible.

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