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Briefing Links. Please contact us to add your briefing link.

Briefing - A meeting in which a client and researcher discuss the client's information needs so that the most appropriate research methodology can be recommended.


Service Activation - Inter-activatE provisions network services.

Least Cost Routing - InterconnecT OR offers Optimal Routing for interconnect cost reduction.

Work Order Software - For Businesses, Utilities, and Government Institutions.

Carrier Access Billing - InterconnecT CABS allows telecom carriers to bill other carriers.

Billing Mediation - Inter-mediatE is a powerful convergent billing mediation system.

Interconnect Billing - InterconnecT is handles domestic and international settlements.

Outside Plant Software - Plant Records and Assignment  is outside plant mapping software.

IP Mediation - Inter-MediatE is the telecom industry's leading mediation system.


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